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Baby Essentials

So, you’ve done the test, you know you are expecting and those 9 months are ticking by quite quickly. You have also spent hours scrolling through every list online of what you will “need” to have for your new baby. With no one list the same your list seems to be getting longer and longer; carseat, pushchair, bouncers, muslins, bibs, bath… and the list goes on and on. Clothes on the other hand can be kept simple, yes you can go extravagant and buy all kinds of pretty girl outfits or baby boy dungarees but as a mother to both a daughter and a son I would say that there is nothing more practical for at least the first 3 months then a baby grow/baby romper. A baby grow I believe is one of the best things to keep your little one warm and comfortable and these can be worn day and night hence why they are also known as a sleepsuit.

Baby Vest

I consider this to be a wardrobe essential of the baby world, the baby vest is an item which, can be useful on all occasions. Mostly used as pyjamas in warmer weather or to go under other clothes they will become a necessity for your baby that you cannot get by without. Most baby vests feature different necklines dependent on the style you like, and you will find that the shoulders usually fold out slightly so that you can pull the vest down your baby rather than over the head if you find yourself in a poonami situation!

Sleeping Bag

Before having a baby, you probably wouldn’t have even thought a baby sleeping bag was a thing, but they are. Most mothers usually have a lovely blanket ready for the new arrival which are lovely for them to snuggle with and to help you to swaddle them during day time naps but during the night times these can easily get kicked off and the baby gets cold. A sleeping bag is great in two ways;
1 – it keeps them warm through night as they cant get kicked off.
2 – it makes them feel like they are cocooned/swaddled like when in the womb.
Another plus point is that they are also rather safe, as, unlike a blanket the risk of their head being covered or tangled up in them is a lot lower.

Baby Grow

My favourite! Another wardrobe essential that is impossible to live without when you have a baby. For the first 3 months or so of their life they mostly sleep, therefore dressing them in a babygrow I believe is the most practical. These can come in different styles as well but the ones I found most practical and easy to use are the ones that come with a zip up fastening. Poppers can be a minefield at 2am or when you are out and about and trying to do it in a hurry.
Don’t under estimate the number of nappy changes you will have to do with a newborn – you will soon see the appeal of a zip up baby grow compared to that of one with poppers or even buttons!!
When shopping for your baby grow online be sure to search for onesie, baby romper, sleepsuit and zip up babygrow – there are a number of names which they can go by!

Daytime Outfit

Of course, after a couple of weeks (or maybe even sooner if you’re one of the brave ones) you’ll venture back out into the world to show your newborn the world. You of course want those lovely little baby girl or baby boy outfits that look super cute but are super impractical! Try to go for something that looks sleek and cute, you’ll also want something that keeps baby comfortable so they can feel secure and relaxed to sleep whilst out and about. From experience, a baby boy in dungarees or jeans is one of the hardest things to change when in a tiny baby changing cubicle during nappy change time! Dresses for girls are much easier but tights can be a challenge!


Quite simple, a towel with a hood! Keeps their little heads warm once they are out the bath and keeps them wrapped up and snuggled until you have time to dress them in their baby grow.


This one makes me smile. You can buy a multi pack of about 10 muslins – don’t! They are tiny! And once you see how much sick a baby can bring up after a feed when winding, these little squares don’t really cut it!

I consider this an ultimate essential that you will need when becoming a new parent. There is no escaping the fact that you’re going to spend the majority of your time covered in bodily fluids that don’t belong to you, but you can also do your very best to cover them up. Large muslins are perfect for draping over your shoulder when you have a baby and I think almost become an accessory for most mums when out and about.
Muslins can also be used for swaddling, breastfeeding and even things like a very light blanket cover in the summer months.

So, there you have it, the essentials. Bear Cub Company are one of the few stores in the UK to sell zip baby grows so have a look and see which one of our designs take your fancy.

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