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Why Zip Bear Cub Suits

When I fell pregnant the first time I did what any new Mum to be probably did – searched through magazines looking at what you need to buy for a new baby. Amongst that list and also very much needed for the all important hospital bag was baby grows, lots of them too. So, off we go to the shops and with no real thought about it I start looking at all the lovely baby grows and vests that are on offer. I can’t remember how many I bought – at the time my husband thought I was buying far too many, (the reality was I didn’t buy nearly enough!). We had some lovely patterns and the designs all came in the same style with little booties on the feet and poppers all down the front. Great, I can put a tick in that box and focus on the next thing.

Unfortunately, due to a retained placenta, I had to go down for surgery, so Daddy came in to action and had to do all the first nappy, first feed and the first outfit. I think one of the first things I remember when coming out the recovery room and on to the ward to hold my little Felicity was that the lovely white sheep baby grow that we had bought for her “first” outfit was totally mis-aligned, but I didn’t say anything to him!

As the first few days and weeks went past I had my favourite few outfits, which I tried to put her in time and time again, these were mostly ones with cute little patterns and also the easiest to put on and off. For me baby grows were the way forward certainly up until the age of at least 3 months. I tried a few dresses and cute girlie things but the reality and the practicality of it soon dawned. All the clinic visits where you have to strip them right down or the number of times you would be out and about and a quick nappy change was required. It really was a case of what is the quickest and simplest outfit to do this in.

I could see that some brands and stores were way ahead with baby designs and outfits but sometimes I found the price label unbearable, especially when I had now discovered that the average amount of times an outfit gets worn is about three. It was with all this in mind and after the birth of my second baby, William, that I decided to put in to place my own designs and have my own zip up baby grows manufactured. I wanted to achieve something that I know made my life so much easier and am sure it will help others as well. I also want to make it easily available within the UK and not at a big price tag.

The world worships all in ones (even adult sized ones now!) and I would almost dare to say that at some point every baby will wear one. For this reason, comfort and the ability for them to be able to stretch, wriggle and move around easily is of course a big thing as well as keeping them warm, but… not too warm. I sampled a few different fabrics and found a Lycra Cotton to be the one that ticked all the boxes for the above. Once I had put my patterns to the fabric the Zip Bear Cub Suit was created. This is my very own style of a zip up Baby Grow or Zipped Baby Romper or whatever you choose to call it! And I now hope that you and your Bear Cubs have plenty of fun using them.

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